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Release Notes

March 4, 2006 - version 3.0

  • Fixed compatability with Mac OS X Tiger folder priviledges.
  • Integrated Kagi registration keys.

November 5, 2004 - version 2.3.1

  • Fixed problem when using more than one domain for the same account.

October 31, 2002 - version 2.3

  • Resource changes for release version build.

October 22, 2002 - version 2.3b4

  • Added support for Apple API for creating /Library/StartupItems.

September 22, 2002 - version 2.3b3

  • Now have the /Library/StartupItems directory getting created properly on 10.2.1. The problem was related to Apple changing the permissions in the /Library directory to read-only for Admins.

September 21, 2002 - version 2.3b2

  • Fixing problem creating the StartupItems directory at startup on 10.2.1. Still doesn't always work the first time.

September 5, 2002 - version 2.3b1

  • Added qmail configuration support.
  • Added Envelope support as part of supporting qmail.

August 14, 2002 - version 2.2

  • Resource updates for final build.

July 31, 2002 - version 2.2b3

  • Fixed problem of leaving log view processes running.

July 17, 2002 - version 2.2b2

  • Fixed problem creating the startup script in demo mode.

July 16, 2002 - version 2.2b1

  • Modified demo mode to perform same startup sequence as the registered version.
  • Changed configuration to not modify /etc/hostconfig.

May 21, 2002 - version 2.1

  • Added a setting to allow configuration of the fetchall function which forces the collection of all emails in an account.

April 23, 2002 - version 2.0.1

  • Fixed a permissions problem when creating the ".fetchmailrc" file which gets written to /var/root/.

April 17, 2002 - version 2.0

  • GM release on Mac OS X.

March 27, 2002 - version 2.0b1

  • Initial public release on Mac OS X.

10/6/1999 1.3.2

  • Another address parser tweak that fixes a problem with multiple address terminators and other illegal address problems.
  • Fixed problem with bad error codes.

9/1/1999 1.3.1

  • Fixed library import problem for pre-8.5 PPC systems.

8/30/1999 1.3

  • Added Schedule synchronization of the read and forward threads.
  • Added a "Run Now" button to the gateways window.
  • Increased network time-outs to 2 minutes.
  • Fixed update problem with Schedule dialog popups.

6/10/1999 1.2.4

  • Added ability to parse some nonstandard headers that were showing up.
  • Even more address parser tweaks.

5/27/1999 1.2.3

  • More address parser tweaks.

5/25/1999 1.2.2

  • Improved handling of multi part mime messages (like from web-tv forwards.)
  • Fixed a special case problem found in the new address parser.

5/18/1999 1.2.1

  • Improved the address parser. This fix should reduce the number of emails mistakenly forwarded to the postmaster.

5/3/1999 1.2

  • Added option to parse all "Received" headers only when no domains are found in the rest of the headers in order to eliminate duplicates which could occur otherwise.
  • Added option to parse Received headers only until a domain is found.

4/22/1999 1.1.3

  • Fixed addressing format error which could rejected mail forwards with some SMTP servers.
  • Added flag to allow the reception of remote high-level AppleEvents.
  • Fixed address handling problem which would cause mail addresses which contained certain characters to get mis-forwarded. This also allows "Received" headers to be parsed properly for domains.
  • Added ability to leave large messages on the server.

3/12/1999 1.1.2

  • Fixed error in the AppleScript resources which kept Read Mail from working for specified gateways.

3/5/1999 1.1.1

  • Fixed problem that would sometimes cause crashes when messages with long lines were received.
  • Removed case sensitivity from domain name checking in headers.

2/23/1999 1.1

  • Fixed a problem which could cause crashes when threads were interrupted by time tasks on faster Macs.
  • Added ability to specify and parse any header.
  • Added ability to forward based on text found on any header.
  • Added apple events for Read Mail and Forward Mail.

11/18/1998 1.0.3

  • Fixed bug which would truncate large messages.

11/5/1998 1.0.2

  • Improved SMTP forwarding code. Forwarding is up to 10 times faster and allows background tasks more time to run.

10/14/1998 1.0.1

  • Fixed problem with schedule dialog which occurred when Appearance Manager was not available.

09/16/1998 1.0

  • Minor resource changes

09/06/1998 1.0b9

  • Added "Schedule..." dialog for setting up of a weekly schedule of prime-time and off-time connections.
  • Added a "Run For:" menu to allow the POP gateway to be set up to run for a number of minutes for each scheduled connection
  • Added one minute timeout for POP and SMTP connections.
  • Added a timer option of 2 hours.

08/25/1998 1.0b8

  • Added the preference for setting the "mail from:" for the log forwarding.

08/23/1998 1.0b7

  • Fixed a problem with stripping chars from the "forward to:" addresses.

08/23/1998 1.0b6

  • Fixed problem with too many brackets in mail addresses. (Fixes SIMS incompatibility.)

08/19/1998 1.0b5

  • Made timer only effect POP time so that SMTP thread can run constantly, which will insure that cached mail will not get stale.
  • Added wider range of timing options to "Connect Every:" menu.

08/18/1998 1.0b4

  • Changed forwarding string rules to look for a non-case-sensitive contained string instead of an exact match.

08/06/1998 1.0b3

  • Removed dependency on Appearance Extension.

08/05/1998 1.0b2

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when changing log files (if log window was never opened.)

07/29/1998 1.0b1

  • Initial release.

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