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Mailtron Gateway for Mac OS X
Version 3.0 Is Available


Product Overview

Mailtron Gateway is an email gateway, giving graphical access to fetchmail. A common use is to allow the hosting of your own mail for a domain without exposing your mail server to the internet, without having a full-time internet connection, or possibly without paying fees for additional mailboxes to your ISP.

Mailtron Gateway features include:

  • Multiple domain support from a single email account.
  • Multiple gateways support.

Mailtron Gateway for Mac OS X features:

  • "Industrial strength" mail forwarding using fetchmail.
  • Automatic protocol detection.
  • IMAP support

It can be used in conjunction with any SMTP mail server.

Please see the Mailtron Gateway help page for information on how to set up your own mail-hosting and detailed instructions on setting up the gateway.





Mailtron Gateway will run for 30 days without a registration key. Please go to the registration page and register Mailtron Gateway.


Go to the download page to download Mailtron Gateway.

View the release notes.

Please let know if you have any problems.


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