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Mailtron Gateway for OS X

The price of a Single server license for Mailtron Gateway is $99 USD. Please visit our Kagi Store if you wish to register Mailtron Gateway for OS X.

If you have version 2.3.1 or earlier of Mailtron Gateway for OS X and wish to upgrade to a newer version, please email us at to get a new license key.


Registration FAQ

Is Online Registration Secure?

We believe the most convenient and secure way to purchase our software is to use the Kagi online registration server and a credit card. Our registration partner, Kagi, uses a SSL connection (verify the unbroken key in the left corner of your browser window.) Your credit card information is fully encrypted and very safe.

I Registered But Haven't Received My Registration Key Yet.

If you haven't received your registration key within a few days, please contact us at

Make sure you have supplied a valid e-mail address. We frequently get registrations from people whose supplied e-mail address doesn't work (mistyped address, mailbox is full, etc...) If you have already sent us e-mail twice and still haven't received a response, this probably means that something is wrong with your e-mail service. Please make sure your e-mail is working. Also, please include your phone number, postal address, or another way we can reach you.

Will I Get Junk Mail As A Result Of Registering?

We hate SPAM as much as you do (we get many of these messages every day.) We will never give your e-mail address to 3rd party advertisers.

My Registration Key Doesn't Work.

It may help to realize that the key is actually a checksum of the name and email address with which you registered. You must enter each line exactly as it appears in the registration confirmation email for the key to be accepted.

If your key still isn't accepted, please e-mail us at

I Lost My Registration.

Send us the following information to help process your request:

  • Approximate registration date.
  • Your e-mail address under which the registration was made.

Send this information to us at We will search our records and reply to your request. We recommend that you keep a printed copy of your registration info for your records.


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