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3 powerful new concepts
to help you use the web
and now email!

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OS 9 and OS X!
One-Touch Surfing is the easiest way to surf and read email. With Surftron you create lists of bookmarks and POP mail accounts, which you can surf with one touch. Used in conjunction with Smart Marks, you can surf your favorite websites whenever they have new content and Surftron will let you know when you visit a website or POP email account which contains a Keyword.
Smart Marks make Surftron more useful than other web applications. Using Smart Marks you can know whenever your favorite websites have new content, from when you last visited them, and when they contain Keywords, which you specify. If your favorite website has something new and contains a Keyword, Surftron will let you know. You can also create Smart Marks which can watch your POP email accounts for mail and when the mail headers contain a Keyword.
Site Sharing is a new concept for bookmarks. It allows you to share bookmarks with others on the web, as well as find bookmarks that others have shared. And the bookmarks are all Smart Marks, already configured to automatically detect changes in site content.

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